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Check out my Etsy site at moodydesignsinwood.etsy.com

About Jim Moody
I am a garage woodworker trying to get my products in front of more people. I got started about 15 years ago by building my first workbench. Then I took a night class that taught me how to build a carcass, a door and a drawer in the form of a nightstand. If you can build those three things you can build most types of furniture. I built a kitchen island, then an entertainment center, honing my technique and getting better.

While building furniture for home, family and friends, I started making cutting boards for gifts. They've been received so well that I've decided to start my Etsy shop to share my boards with others who may like them. Now I've branched out into turning pens on my lathe, and just recently I've added several styles of crosses to the mix.

I hope you enjoy my craft products. If you have something in mind that you don't see on my pages, let me know, I can do custom work as well. Meanwhile check out my Etsy site at moodydesignsinwood.etsy.com

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